Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Aidan Huntington... With hate, Signed: Aeryn Taylor

I spent the last few days visiting different colleges and got lots of writing done while on the bus. So I thought I'd post another excerpt as today's post. This excerpt is to give you all a feel of Aidan, who was one of the guys who asked Aeryn out back in high school and she answered by asking him if he had a strong aversion to tampons (he was in the prologue excerpt). The one thing to know here is that Aeryn pretty much despises him.

“Listen Aidan, I’ll say this in one of the simplest ways I can.” I looked at him straight in the eyes to attempt to create a sort of suspenseful moment. “Here’s the thing…hell would have to freeze over for me to ever do any kind of favor for you.” 

In all honesty, this had been the cruelest thing I had ever said to anyone, even to Aidan. Of course, what went through my head – especially about Aidan – couldn't even begin to compare to this slightly offensive comment, but that was an entirely different story. I waited, expecting to be flipped off by a trail of profanity or maybe even to see him kneel and beg me to reconsider, but he seemed to be completely unfazed by my comment. He simply glanced at my apartment door and smiled. 

“Taylor, I need a favor from you. And I’m pretty sure you need me to keep my mouth shut about your obsession over guys with a strong aversion to tampons. Especially around your boyfriend.” Amused by my expression, he paused and grinned. My jaw hung open, and my eyes narrowed accusingly at him as I took a step forward.

“Are you threatening me?” I hissed.

His grin widened. “More like making it impossible for you to say no.” I blinked, trying to suppress the anger threatening to explode at any second. If only he could be turned into a toad, the world would become such a better place. “So what do you say? Up for babysitting?”


The Beaver

Argh. Stop teasing me with these excerpts and just post it already! >:c


Haha, your wish was just granted :P

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