Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aeryn's Online Dating Adventure

I just finished writing one of Aeryn's adventure date with a guy she met through a dating website. For once, the scene played out exactly like I'd imagined it.

It involves a British guy, a creepy man, and jumping out of a window. For those reading the story on Wattpad, that scene will come in 2 chapters (I'm posting chapter 5 later today or tomorrow morning; the date is in chapter 7).

Oddly enough, most of it actually happened in real life, and all I did was add a small twist at the end.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stop Trying To Hit On Me

I noticed I haven't posted anything writing-related in a while :O Here's an excerpt from TS. This happens in Aidan's car after Aeryn guilt-trips him into giving her a ride somewhere.

With my hand in mid-air, I stopped and turned to give him a blank look. A small smile was at the corner of his lips as he looked back at me. “Aidan, you trying to hit on me messes up the whole order of the universe. Plus, I have enough nightmares as it is.”

He frowned, looking offended. “Trying? I wasn’t trying to hit on you.”

I turned back to the mirror and began applying the mascara again. “Of course not.”

He grinned. “Trying implies failure. I was hitting on you. Want me to do it again?”

I rolled my eyes. “No.”

“You have beautiful eyes, Taylor,” he said as he made a right.

“Aidan, shut up.”

“They’re almost as beautiful as your hair –”


“ – and as hot as your lips.”

I groaned and as we slowly neared a stop sign, I chose this moment to quickly finish applying my mascara. I closed the tube and turned to look at Aidan. He sneaked a glance at me, his blue eyes looking as amused as ever. “Stop trying to hit on me,” I said. “I'm not stupid enough to fall for it.”

He grinned. “Worked in high school.”

“Yeah, well I’d lost part of my brain back then.”

“Found it yet?”

“Uh-huh. Long time ago. And it’s not going anywhere for a while.”

“That’s too bad.”

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Oh, Canada.

For those of you who don't know, July 1st is a huge deal in Canada: it's Canada Day! :D

I've been to a few July 4th celebrations in the states and as much as I do like it there, there's nothing like Canada Day, especially in the nation's capital.

It's amazing. Streets are closed for the entire day and everyone comes downtown to celebrate Canada (I do mean everyone.) People are dressed in red and white, have the maple leaf symbol painted on their faces, there were even a few people in red and white morphsuits, the Canadian flag is everywhere and the feeling is amazing. It's even crazier on the buses; people will randomly start sing-alongs about being proud Canadians, and the buses are beyond packed (we had to literally push people off at the end of the night).

There's music blasting everywhere, entertainment at almost every street corner and yesterday, Kate and William even came downtown! Unfortunately, I missed them by a few minutes. I was watching this escaping act (it was so bad -_-) and by the time I left to go see what this gathering crowd was taking pictures of, I saw the royal car turn the corner. Sad moment :(
This is a picture of the escaping act I was watching instead; it was pretty bad, because the guy kept building it up and then at the end we realized that anyone could have gotten out of the chains and the jacket:

And of course, the fireworks at the end of the night were great. The only unpleasant part was that pretty much everyone was smoking weed around me, so I was suffocating.
And after the fireworks, there were these dancers dancing behind windows in a building.

Anyway, happy belated Canada Day to my Canadian followers, and happy Fourth of July to my American ones! (And for the others...well, I'm not really sure xD)