Friday, March 11, 2011

Another excerpt...

After finishing off a chapter that I was having some trouble with, I decided to post another excerpt from Theoretically Speaking. This time it's the end of the prologue. The part right before the excerpt is when Aeryn (the MC) goes to see a psychic at a carnival to ask for a clue about the identity of Mr. Perfect. Even though Aeryn finds the clue to be complete crap, she doesn't seem to forget about it at all. Anyway, here's the excerpt:

A few months after the carnival:

“Hey, I was thinking…” Charles trailed off, seeming unsure of what he was thinking. I looked up from our Health poster, glue in one hand and a picture of a vagina in the other.

“You were thinking?” I repeated, wanting nothing more than to finish the poster, go home and never take another Health class again.

Charles at last met my gaze. “Do you wanna go out? With me? On…a date?” His nervousness was hard, if not impossible to miss. At my next question, all trace of it disappeared and was instead replaced by shock.

I took a deep breath and tried to quickly organize my thoughts, a task easier said than done. “This is gonna sound…um, a bit odd. But…” I braced myself for his reaction. Like a band-aid: rip it off as fast as possible. “Do you…have some kind of, um, strong aversion to tampons?”

Charles barely uttered a single word to me after this incident.

A year after the carnival:

“He asked me out,” I told Brooke, throwing my bag on the floor before throwing myself on her family’s couch, ready to die.

She looked up from her computer, disbelief written on every inch of her face. “Aidan?” she asked, her voice a mere whisper. I nodded, though the halfhearted raise of head couldn’t possibly qualify as a nod. “What did you say?” she almost squealed, somehow missing my lack of excitement over the situation.

I buried my face in a cushion, ready to drown my sorrows in a big bowl of self-pity. “I asked him if he had a strong aversion to tampons,” I mumbled.


The Beaver

Hahahaha, oh my god, I can't wait for this.
Please post soon. xD

Chen Yan Chang

"...glue in one hand and a picture of a vagina in the other."

Hehe, I can't help but laugh at that image :D


Beav, you'll have to stick to those excerpts for a while. Posting will come...way later. xD
And Chen, for some reason, everyone who's read the prologue always points out this line as being funny.

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