Friday, March 18, 2011

One of those books

Ever read a book, put it down and simply felt like you had to get out your own writing and attempt to write something just as amazing?

I just finished reading one of those books and that's exactly how I'm feeling right now. Even when I was only halfway through Match Me If You Can by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (at about 3 this morning), I knew that it had topped my list of favorite books.

In this book, Phillips managed to give us a story from three different points of views but the flow was so incredible that I didn't once notice the change in POVs. And for once, I never regretted when the change came and the story was told from a different viewpoint. It was funny, sexy, unbelievably captivating and compulsively readable. Trust me when I say this because I don't ever gush so much about a book.

To give a little idea of the storyline, it's about a sweet little girl from Chicago who's trying to make a profit out of the matchmaking business left over by her late grandmother. She gets a shot at finding the perfect match for a high profile sports agent, and the bantering between those two left me reading their scenes a million times. I'd recommend this book in a heartbeat!


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