Second Time Around

Memory lane is never pleasant. Especially when you're trying to avoid an embarrassing moment.

Avery McAdams has been in love with Kellan Everett ever since they first met in second grade. All of the Everetts seem to know this, except one.
At the age of thirteen, Avery finally musters up the courage to tell Kellan about her crush...and makes a complete fool of herself. He then moves away the next week, leaving her and the embarrassing incident behind. Three years later, the Everetts are back and are ready to take Avery on another wild love ride.
Status: First draft completed; Going to be edited once I stop beign lazy xD

“What brings you here, McAdams?” he asked as he walked towards the blue car parked on the curb.

I looked back at the Everett house but decided wisely to follow Lucas. “I’m actually looking for a ride,” I said. “Think you can give me one?”

Lucas grinned as he leaned closer to me. “A ride? I can give you more than one if you’d like.” He winked at me, and my breath caught in my throat. Then, as I remembered who I was talking to, I blinked. 

“I meant a ride to school, Lucas. Not a sexual one.”

His grin widened. “I know. I just wanted to see your face when you understood what I was talking about.” He got in the car and the window slid down. “Get in,” he said. He was lucky there wasn’t enough space through that window for me to hit him.

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Yes, STA does have a sequel. But I'm not very happy with STA at the moment, so once I'm a bit happier with it, I'll work more on the sequel and you'll get to hear more about it. It's titled Say It Once, and you can read the beginning at this previous post. If you want to read STA first, I don't suggest you read that excerpt. Ruins the ending :/


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