Thursday, March 3, 2011

Finding Mr. Right: The Checklist

Most girls know what they're looking for in a guy. Some even have a written list hidden somewhere (don't deny it), while some just mentally check off the boxes while they're right in the middle of a conversation with the guy. There's really no use denying it - we've all been through this at least once :P

In Theoretically Speaking, my MC, Aeryn, is this extremely determined girl who will stop at pretty much nothing to get what she wants. And what she wants right now is to find Mr. Perfect. To keep up with all her criteria, she lists them down.The list is mentioned a few times throughout the book but never does the reader know every single point on this ridiculously specific, crazy and long list.
Here's a little treat: Aeryn's complete checklist for Mr. Right:
(P.S. For every point on the list, there's a little story behind it. I'll post some of the stories another time)

o   Strong aversion to tampons
o   Messy black hair
o   SHORT hair
o   Green eyes
o   Between 5’9 and 5’12
o   2 years older than me
o   Doesn’t have more than 5 ex-girlfriends
o   Knows the difference between a fruit and a vegetable
o   Has close relatives from all around the globe
o   Financially secure
o   No criminal record
o   First name is not ‘Dick’
o   Sister(s) must be good-looking
o   An older sister and a younger sibling
o   Healthy eater
o   Exercises daily
o   Likes baseball – Phillies fan
o   Doesn’t criticize yoga
o   Never wears corduroy
o   Has no aversion to marriage
o   Doesn’t even think of eloping or a marriage in Vegas
o   Light smell of perfume that doesn’t suffocate me
o   Favorite color is pink
o   Shares my dislike for clowns
o   Does not cling:
o Doesn’t have access to tracking devices that may be used to track my whereabouts 
o   Shaves everyday
o   Doesn’t whine
o   Doesn’t own a chicken suit
o   Checks in with his mom everyday – shows that he has emotions
o   Has publicly cried once. No more.
o   No daddy-issues
o   All ex-girlfriends have not broken up with him (otherwise there’s something wrong with him)
o   He didn’t break up with all of his ex-girlfriends (otherwise he’s a heartbreaker)
o   Doesn’t have too many allergies
o   Optional:
o  dimple(s)
o  British accent
o   No crooked finger or toe
o   Knows the use of a mop and other cleaning supplies
o   Knows how to cook well
o   Only wears pea coats


Chen Yan Chang

Phillies, woo!

The Beaver

Pfft, why are the dimple(s) and English accent optional? Those should definitely be required with a capital R.

By the way, what a cute list. :) Can't wait to read TS.


The English accent is optional because after 18 years, Aeryn hasn't meant a single guy with a British accent, so she's keeping her options open :P
But the dimple's optional for no particular reason.

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