Monday, April 25, 2011

Third Person, Here I Come!

Third person narratives, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and an abundance of description aren't exactly part of my comfort zone when it comes to writing. I suck at description, but I'm trying to improve by reading more of those types of books (big yawners so far). I wouldn't say I suck at third person but I definitely prefer first person because I'm way more comfortable with it. But my goal is to write at least one book in third person, have one book with a bittersweet ending, a paranormal one and one from a guy's POV. I've started with the paranormal one (Destined), and now I'm ready to try writing an entire book in third person.

It's actually an assignment for my writing class: writing a fantasy short story about what happened to Sir Cedric, but I've decided to continue with it and turn it into a book. It's a fantasy story (meaning dragons and princesses and lords and all that charade), and like most of my assignments for that class, I decided to do it in third person. It's due tomorrow; I started it an hour ago because I lost my USB (so I had to restart it) and wasn't all that crazy about my original idea. I'm pretty excited about it (even though I probably won't be working on it all that much because of TS and BA), so thought I'd share it with you guys. Here's the beginning (rough draft - I can't stress this enough):

Stonegate Castle disappeared hundreds of years ago, without any warning or explanation to its villagers. No one had the dimmest idea of what truly happened to it, or to its owner, Lord Cedric. In fact, no single villager held a sliver of memory as to who Lord Cedric was. He was simply a name to them, a name without a face, a name that gave off a menacing, yet revered feeling. No one remembered his cold, blue eyes, but they imagined he had them. They imagined the black cape he had refused to part with since his mother’s death, yet had no real memory of it. They imagined his long, black hair whipping through the wind as he galloped on his horse, but could not remember the fear it had once evoked across the entire village.
No one remembered the existence of Lord Cedric.  No one except his sister who had vowed, many years ago, to see his head on a platter and present it to the people of Stonegate.


Chen Yan Chang

It's weird but I'm more comfortable with 3rd person and not as comfortable with 1st. Summer of Firsts was my first book to be in 1st person. (Originally, Summer Friends was supposed to be in 1st but it was a complete failure so I switched it to 3rd.)


Lol, SoF was great in first person, so you've got nothing to worry about :P I just find it harder to relate to the characters in 3rd, so I don't read it much, which is why I stay away from it when I write.

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