Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Girlfriend Curse

It's the very first book I forced myself to finish reading even if I knew I wouldn't like it by the time I got to chapter 3. Usually, that's how ti works: I know if I won't like a book by the time I reach chapter 3, sometimes chapter 4. If I decide that I won't like it, I don't bother finishing it because I simply don't care about the characters to find out how their stories end.

But for The Girlfriend Curse, I decided that it would be the first book I'd force myself to read. I think I probably just wanted to see if 1. I could force myself to finish a book I wasn't into and 2. to see if maybe I was making judgments too quickly.

Turned out I hated the entire book. Maybe not hated, but wow, one of the most boring books I've ever read. The characters were so forgettable, not worth reading about. Nothing exciting happened at all. There wasn't as much humor as I'd expected; I think I laughed twice throughout the entire book. And the closer I got to the end, the more typos I found. There were a bunch of grammatical errors near the end that just took some of the humor out of whatever joke was made, since I couldn't even understand what was being said until I realized the error.

The ending was so anti-climatic. The entire story was just...So. Boring. Even the cover was bad. What made me pick up the book in the first place? The premise: some girl finds out that after her boyfriends break up with her, they always end up getting married six months later. The worse part is that they always breakup with her because they're not ready for marriage.
The premise wasn't bad. Frankel just didn't deliver. The only thing I liked was the style of writing. After that, I'd say that 1. this is the worse book I've read in a few years and 2. I'm never forcing myself to read another book again. Not. Worth it.


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