Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just Lost Another USB

Today's been the worse day ever. I managed to lose my cell phone, my house keys and my USB. I'm more pissed about my USB than the rest because a) my cell phone is in my mom's car; I can hear it vibrating but I just can't find it and b) I can go to a nearby Wal Mart and get a copy of my brother's house keys tomorrow morning without my mom ever knowing.

But my USB contains so much of my writing that there's no way I can do anything to make up for it being lost. Last time I backed up my files was ages ago - I can't even remember when. The long hours I spent on Destined are all gone. Nearly ten thousand words of Theoretically Speaking are gone, which doesn't even include the little edits I've been randomly doing here and there. The edited first part of Second Time Around is all gone, since I really don't think I bothered to back that up. The next chapter of Bad Apple is all gone. Say It Once, the sequel to Second Time Around is all gone because I know I didn't back that up. This new idea someone gave me for another book is also all gone.

I'm just in so much shock right now. I went shopping to find a dress for a cousin's wedding and when I came back to continue working on an essay for my writing class, I couldn't find my USB. I still can't believe it. The only place I can think of that I might have dropped my keys (which were in my bag that I didn't even open) was at this one store when I told my brother to watch my bag. I'm going there first thing in the morning and if it's not there, I'm not sure what I'll do. I lost a total of almost 30,000 words (schoolwork included). The last time I lost my USB, I'd backed up everything the day before. Now I'm complete shock.


Chen Yan Chang

Oh, that sucks! I really hope you find your USB!


Thanks. I hope so too but unless I lost it fell in my mom's car, it's lost for good. I went to the mall today and it wasn't returned at the lost and found. I managed to get a couple of things from my email though, but I'm not in the mood to rewrite anything right now.

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