Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I'm officially done with high school! I got my diploma today and it's when you throw your cap in the air that it all settles in: you're done with high school :D

I'm so excited right now. This morning, I did not want to wake up. I was actually considering skipping the grad ceremony and just sleeping in. Waking up at 6am just for a ceremony isn't pleasant -_-

And the ceremony was long. I got a headache about halfway through, and it seemed as if the awards would just never end. There were so many of them.I'm just happy I got the award for my writing class :D

The valedictorian speech wasn't very good (At my school, you vote for the valedictorian; it doesn't have anything to do with your GPA. Canada's just a bit wack this way). There were so many awkward moments during that speech that I just felt bad for the guy. It started out awkward and I could tell that he was nervous: he usually speaks so quickly and flawlessly, but he kept stumbling on his words. And there was this one moment when he was like, 'I'm parched. I'm going to take a sip from my water bottle.' Then the guy takes a whole minute and drains the entire bottle. A lot of people were saying it was vodka, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were right. I mean, the speech was just so awkward.
It wasn't all bad though. There were a few funny moments, and he even quoted Rebecca Black once, and it actually fit in the speech pretty well. But that's about it. I'm just happy I didn't try to be valedictorian.