Friday, June 10, 2011

Online Dating

I use to think that only desperate or extremely busy people tried that but whoa - the amount of people I know who are doing it actually boggles me.

My friends made accounts on this one dating website for fun, and every day we see someone we know on there and we're so surprised. I haven't made an account but it's definitely fun to hear about my friends' stories, and it's even more fun to see the kind of people on there. There are those nasty pervs who always start their conversations with something along the lines of 'Touch me' (Ew -_-), there are those people who are so paranoid of meeting some old creep, but then there are those who read people's profiles and are actually interested in the person's personality.

Every day, I hear at least ten funny stories from my friends (like this one guy who said that he was 35. When my friend told him that she wasn't looking for someone this old, he said that he was actually 21 and asked if she wanted to see his driver's license. All he kept sending her were a bunch of his webcam pictures until she finally blocked him). But if you're lucky enough, you'll actually meet a decent person on there. Or you'll meet a complete creep and wonder why you ever signed up.

So naturally, I realized that I wanna include this in TS. Aeryn knows exactly what she wants in a guy, and what better way to find that guy than through online dating? Many different ideas popped in my head, but I narrowed it down to two ideas right now, and I think I'll just see where the story goes. What I can't wait to write are all the creeps that will start messaging her (I feel like I've got such a twisted mind right now :P)


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