Thursday, June 2, 2011

And she comes back to life...

I've almost abandoned this blog, haven't I? I haven't written or blogged in the last two weeks. I've just been sleeping, doing homework and reading.

I read Kinsella's Shopaholic Series and every time I tried to write TS, I felt like I was still stuck in Becky's head (the MC from the Shopaholic Series). It's not pleasant. Becky's character is really different and very distinct, and after spending 2 weeks and 5 books with her, it was almost impossible to write with Aeryn's voice. I would write something and delete it because it just wasn't how Aeryn would think or talk or do anything.

But I'm done with the Shopaholic books and today I spent hours trying to get back in Aeryn's head. It's now 10pm and I've finally managed to forget Becky's annoying voice talking about shopping and clothes (I still don't understand how I managed to read all 5 books. She's just such an annoying and materialistic character that it drove me insane by the middle of each book). I've written a thousand words of TS today and it feels so good to be writing again, and actually be happy with what I'm writing.

And, to make up for almost abandoning this blog, my next post will be an excerpt. Most likely from TS, but it might be from Bad Apple. We'll see!


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