Monday, February 28, 2011

Theoretically Speaking

While my sister was visiting during Christmas, we had one of those crazy, never-ending conversations at about 3AM. We joked about how it could become my next book and a couple of weeks later, I had a prologue and a first chapter. Here's the title, catch line, a cover I made while bored, and a little snippet:

Theoretically Speaking

In theory, she’s meant to find her one true love.
In reality, the search might be close to impossible. 

Being compared to a serial killer wasn’t particularly pleasant. Being forced to compare yourself to a serial killer was even less pleasant. For me, it was almost impossible not to. 

Because I had an obsession, just like most serial killers had an obsession with murder. From the day that my mother read me Cinderella, my obsession over finding my own prince charming had begun. When I say an obsession, I meant it in the truest sense of the word. It was, as described by the dictionary, the domination of my thoughts or feelings by the persistent idea and desire of finding my one true love. And nothing could stand in my way. 

If I had to jump over a fence to ensure that my new neighbor wasn’t my prince charming and in the process sprained my wrist, then so be it. If I had to face my fear of psychics to find a clue about the identity of said prince charming, so be it. If I had to ridicule myself in front of every guy who asked me out…again, so be it. 

This is from the first chapter. In a few months, it'll be posted on Inkpop (, so do check it out ^_^


Chen Yan Chang

I can't wait to read it!

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