Sunday, October 9, 2011

I've Been Thinking...

I usually don't start a sentence with 'I've been thinking,' because I always get suspicious looks.

But anyway, I've been thinking about a couple of things this week. One, I seriously need to find a purpose for this blog. And I will...soon. Hopefully. Any ideas for what I could do with this? Especially writing related.

Second thing is, I also need to find a new layout for this blog. I'm tired of this one, but I'm just a bit too lazy to go find a really nice layout somewhere.

Another thing I decided was to finally return to inkpop. My friend and I spent months just going from one writing website to another, trying to find a good one, but we sort of gave up. Each one we found was worse than the previous one. She completely gave up but I decided to go back to inkpop.
Soooo...that means I'll repost Theoretically Speaking, and this new completely spur of the moment story I started working on a few weeks ago. It's called Kismet (more about it in another post), and although I really don't have much of a clue where that story's headed, my sister told me to post it. Right now, I'm setting the date to post both of these books on October 21st.

Good news for Theoretically Speaking is that I actually got a few chapters written over the last few weeks. So it'll actually get updated on a regular basis xD

P.S. any ideas for what I can do about this little blog, just leave it in the comments :)

Until next time! ^_^


Zoey Talbon

One: I must know before you post >.o

Two: I know lots of sites you can use for blog layouts :o

That's my favorite, but if you can't find anything you like, ask me. I've got lots of other sites for you ;D


Thank youuuuuu xD You're the best, Zoey! I'm gonna go look through the different layouts later tonight :D

And I'll FB you before I post :)

Zoey Talbon

They have lots of prettyyyy ones *-*


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