Monday, September 26, 2011

College is Killing Me and my Writing

Well, not really my writing. All the writing I've done since I moved to Jersey has been pretty good. I actually haven't deleted anything that I've written - just edited it, which is a first for me. I've even started the sequel to STA (before I moved, I sort of deleted it because I hated what I had).

The only problem is that I don't have enough time to write. Or to have a social life. Or to read. Or to blog. Or to do anything that doesn't involve homework. I'm taking this French class on France in the 18th century and we're reading a new French novel every week. It's tiring and boring. I fall asleep every time I pick up the book. And the books are full of satire that I don't even understand. Sighs.

But - there's always a but with me :P - college is actually pretty good. I'm actually learning so much. I know - I'm in college, of course I should be learning new stuff but somehow, a part of me was sort of expecting it to be like high school. I felt like high school was a waste of time. I don't think I learned much there. And all this knowledge that I'm getting here, I'm using it in my books and it makes me feel so smart sometimes xD Ever feel that way? You learn something new and you just have to include it in one of your books? I've got all this philosophy knowledge in my head right now and I'm just waiting for the perfect idea to come along to include it in. Problem is, I've already got close to a gazillion ideas that are already on hold -_-


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