Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kiss Me Baby One More Time

I'm sorry for the title. I've just been listening to some Britney Spears today. Not by choice, really. The radio was on and they were having this Britney streak for an hour. Not pleasant, although I do still enjoy her old songs.
But, I digress. Today I shall give you all an excerpt. This excerpt is a bit special for me because I was having some trouble with the chemistry between these two characters for a while. But then I got to this scene and everything just clicked. So then I went back to past scenes and fixed a bunch of things that needed to get fixed. So if it weren't for this scene, TS might have just fallen apart.

The scene is a little steamy (I guess it all depends on our interpretations of 'little'). So you're all warned.

I don't mention any names in it because it happens quite later on in the book and I'd like to keep it a surprise for those reading the book. And also because that's how this part of the scene was written in the first place - without any names :P

Ok. So I'll shut up and let you read the excerpt xD

“Kiss me,” I whispered, ignoring the dangerously fast speed of my heartbeat. The alcohol created a light buzz in my head but I knew that even sober, I would have  still stood there in the middle of my living room with him.

I took a small step forward and felt his jeans brush the back of my hand. Even that small touch sent a wave of excitement through my body.

My gaze moved from his eyes to his lips, which continued to get closer as each second ticked by.

And then, without any warning, they crushed mine in one of those kisses you could only dream of.

Soft. Dangerous. Sweet. Hungry.

His hand slid down to my hip and pulled me closer, and I let my list fall to the ground. Both of my hands now free, I slipped them under his shirt, my palms resting on his chest. My entire body was hot, tingling, and so was his against my touch. His tongue teased my lips, but I knew better than to give in.

Instead I pulled away, out of breath and lightheaded. Whoever knew anyone could kiss this well. 

The corner of my lips lifted in a small and quite unstable smile. “I thought you stayed away from crazy people?”

He chuckled, brought his lips close to mine and, in my mouth, whispered, “Good thing I changed my mind.”



Apparently, my comment didn't post yesterday.

WHO IS SHE KISSING? O_O_O_O_O *is ignorant*


Lol, don't worry. You'll find out pretty soon xD
Who do you think it is?

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